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Chocolate Show March 17, 2010

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I hope you did not forget that it is Saint Patrick’s Day today and if I were you, I would celebrate this great day by making the recipe I wrote a few weeks ago about the green cookies! Do not hesitate to write comments about it on this blog afterwards! Besides, Léa, did you finally find food colouring and are you going to cook green cookies today?

However, Saint Paddys Day is not the subject of this precise article: it is chocolate, oh yes! I do not mean chocolate chips in cookies, or nice and hot chocolates – hmmm… note to myself: do not write an article about chocolate when it is 6 p.m. and you only have a sandwich in your stomach… and a big 750g jar of Nutella still waiting for you in your cupboard 😀 – but the Salon du Chocolat. Literally, Salon of Chocolate in French, it is translated throughout the world as Paris Chocolate Show, even if you can find those kinds of ‘salons’ through France; Paris Chocolate Show is the biggest and the most famous anyway… Besides, those shows are held in different cities like New York, Moscow or Beijing too…

This great show takes place every year at the Parc des Expositions and it has been so for fifteen years already! There, chocolate addicts and people who are simply interested in chocolate can discover about 140 chocolate makers from the whole world! Can you imagine?! They can also taste chocolate of course, and that is the beauty of the Salon du Chocolat 😀 On the one hand, you can appreciate this food in all its forms and flavours and on the other hand, this salon is the occasion to attend a sensational competition, if not a challenge! Indeed, it is a period when those great makers are participating to the World Chocolate Masters selections and can also receive Chocolate Awards, rewarding the brilliant work they have achieved! Moreover, children are introduced to the particular and marvellous universe of chocolate by making recipes and different activities, especially created for them.

During the whole time, the fashion shows are what impressed me most and took my breath away! Chocolate is not only food, it is a passion and it drives a culture, it means a lot. The dresses are so extraordinary! I had no idea people could think about unifying gastronomy and haute-couture, and the result is impressing!

When chocolate becomes more than simple food!!


13 Responses to “Chocolate Show”

  1. Romain Says:

    Here I am Thalounette.

    It’s amazing like my bubble dreams: I love chocolate. I want to go and see this chocolate exhibition. I’m going to tell you a secret my friend: it’s the first time that I want to eat the women watching this photos.

    Better than Jean Paul Gaultier. Kylie Minogue understood everything when she was singing “Chocolate”.

    Next time we work together, come with a chocolate dress but simple underwears without chocolate.

    One more time: I LOVE CHOCOLATE. I love The Salon du Chocolat.

    • thalounette Says:

      Have you ever been to the Salon du Chocolat Romain? It is something to see when you are visiting Paris and it takes place at the end of October!
      Those dresses are wonderful, aren’t they? The idea of creating clothes on which many different chocolates are sewn is really funny 😀 If I were in one of those dresses, I am pretty sure I would spend the whole time ‘picking’ them like fruits on a tree and I would eat them! Hihi!
      I could not live without chocolate anymore and I think it’s a drug for many people! And we have Belgium and its delicious chocolates not far away…

  2. Brian Says:

    I’m not such a chocolate person so it doesn’t make me fell like eating chocolate right now, but I like the concept of chocolate dress.
    By the way, last Wednesday I celebrated St Paddy’s day with some friends in a pub of course and I tasted an original kind of cheesecake (at least I had never heard about it up to now), it was a Bailey’s cheesecake. It was really good though not very useful to sponge all the beer I had in my stomach I’m afraid…

    • thalounette Says:

      I know you are not a huge fan of chocolate! And you are the only one having this ‘disease’ Brian 😀 Nevertheless, haute-couture and chocolate is a tantalizing concept!
      Woooww Bailey’s cheesecake!! I guess you have to like Bailey’s in order to like this kind of cheesecake, and that’s fine because I like it 😀 Where did you go? The pubs were crammed full, weren’t they?

      • Brian Says:

        completely full yeah!!! It was at the Corcoran in rue St André des Arts. I know you love bailey’s, you’re the one who made me drink some for the first time when we were in Ireland remember? It seems I have girly tastes for alcohol…

  3. Romain Says:

    Unfortunaly, I have never visited “Le Salon du chocolat”. Thanks to you, I know it’s in October and I remember the date now. Chocolate is like a drug for me too. It’s such a special food because everybody eats chocolate and it allows many crazy creations. Some of countries are famous for chocolate: Belgium, Switzerland…

    • Thalounette Says:

      You know that you have to go there in October then, Romain!
      Swiss chocolate is the best I think!!
      You can bring chocolate to work tomorrow if you want 😀

  4. Thalounette Says:

    Ohh I have never been to this pub Brian! Even if Paris IV Sorbonne is not so far away 😀
    Was it the first time that you were drinking Bailey’s in Ireland?
    I realize now that we went to Ireland a year ago… Woww…

  5. ihssene Says:

    I love the theme of your article!!! The chocolate clothes are very beautiful and “eatable”!!

  6. Thalounette Says:

    I agree Ihssene! Edible dresses are impressing to me… But my dress would not last long if it was made of chocolate 😀

    • ihssene Says:

      yes of course! I think i will made up the medecine chocolate!!
      I think that is a better to have chocolate clothes!!!

      • thalounette Says:

        Chocolate is good for your health! Especially dark chocolate and if you don’t eat the whole block 😀

  7. davelecteur Says:

    haha cool, you’re obviously not the only chocolate addict in the world Thalie – could these people be more obsessed than you??
    That’s like 3,4,5 completely different themes you’ve managed find all with the central food being chocolate! You must have a real passion for all types of cuisine! As if this wasn’t evident already 😛

    – are participating *in* (here, I think you’d be better off using the simple present, not the -ing)
    – impressing –> impressive

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