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Yuck or Yum? March 6, 2010

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In France, we rarely eat soya. We put bean sprouts in salads during summer, or we can perceive some of them floating in our miso soup when we go to a Japanese restaurant. But in Japan, soya is consumed a lot: soya beans, bean sprouts, fresh tofu, grilled soya, boiled soya, etc… or nattō. Hmmm, how can I describe nattō?!

First, look at those precise pictures closely: 


As you can see, the aspect is quite weird… Now, dear reader, try to imagine a slimy, sticky and smelly substance… Even an old and runny French Camembert does not measure up!

In fact, nattō is made from soya beans. It is a traditional Japanese food made from soya beans fermented with Bacillus Subtilis more precisely. It is most commonly eaten at breakfast to accompany rice, possibly with some other ingredients, soya sauce, chopped onions or mustard for example. It is fresh and has to be eaten as soon as it is opened.

Japanese people love it! This recipe is at least 1000 years old and eventually became a favourite of people living in Edo, the capital city of Japan at that time.

Slimy and stinky is nothing new for French people obviously, with our snails, frogs and runny cheeses! I mean, with that background, I guess I could like nattō if I tried it, since I liked to eat snails and frogs 😀 I only know a few French people who actually like nattō! I guess it is a really special dish that is not a success for foreigners, and it would be silly not to try it because you have seen my pictures and explanations 🙂 You will love it if you taste it perhaps, and will become a real nattō addict!

I have forgotten to mention what most Japanese invariably say about nattō: it is good for you 😀 I do not really know the exact effects, but you are supposed to feel fortified after nattō…



13 Responses to “Yuck or Yum?”

  1. Brian Says:

    You know I like Japanese food so I’d like to give it a try, though it really looks unhealthy.
    And frog meat is not slimy at all!!! It’s quite like spicy chicken (I already made this comment on another of your post didn’t I?) How the hell could you even eat snail Thalie?!

  2. thalounette Says:

    Oh no, nattō is healthy! But like vegetables, soups and other things, it is not because they are said to be healthy that they taste great 😀
    I had the opportunity to eat snails when I was 15, and I liked it 😀

  3. deb1708 Says:

    Yuck! Even if everything deserves to be tried once in a lifetime.

  4. thalounette Says:

    Then, you think ‘Yuck’, but you would be OK to try nattō anyway, Deb?

  5. aventa Says:

    A friend have brought me that once and just the smell and the appereance demotivated me !

    • ihssene Says:

      I am totally agree…the appereance is so degusting!!

    • thalounette Says:

      How did you feel when you opened it, Amandine? What about the smell and appearance then? I heard it smells like rotten cheese and looks… well… looks like the pictures I have posted :D…
      So many questions I have in mind, as you faced this weird ‘thing’ (not your friend, nattō I mean :p )

  6. thalounette Says:

    I have seen your ‘I am totally agree’ in many comments you made on different blogs, but I never dared to tell you it was wrong… How did you figure that out Ihssene?

  7. davelecteur Says:

    haha I love how you understand the potential for a foreigner to have a problem with “runny French cheeses”. That’s exactly the type of cheese I have a bit of trouble with! I’m getting better. I had some Rustique the other day (what’s more, it had been in the fridge for about a month already causing a real whiff in there) and loved it! Pretty strong, but fortunately not toooo runny 😛

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