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Original Popcorn February 28, 2010

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Dear reader,

I have had a cold since Thursday and I realize this weekend was only about watching shows (always in Original Version, don’t worry!) and cooking. I made nice biscuits yesterday, and you can find out how to realize them and how they taste by reading my last article. Anyway, I am not really in great shape and cooking was the only way to relax… When I have something left in my fridge and want to make a dish with this ingredient, I realize a recipe I already know, or I search the Internet to find new recipes, to discover what I could make with the things I have in my cupboards! And that is how I will make ‘Praline and Maltesers Cupcakes’ this week 😀 So, I was surfing on the Internet just before lunch to find out what I could do with the potatoes that are beginning to germinate in the cupboard – I think I should have cooked them two weeks ago, but they still look fine to me 😀 And I found a great idea to make an original recipe actually; you can have it with a drink before eating for example.

Popcorn is usually served salted or sweetened. For instance, in the United States, it is traditionally served salted, although caramel corn can also be found. In Great Britain, popcorn is available either salted or simply sweetened with sugar. But did you know that you could use other ingredients to prepare Popcorn?

Paprika and Cantal Popcorn

80g Corn to pop

80g Cantal

1 Tablespoon Paprika

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil


Pour olive oil in a fryer with corn. Heat up and as soon as you hear the first pop, cover and let the others pop, until you hear no more sound… Add paprika, salt and cantal. Mix and this is ready to eat!

Moreover, you can adapt and change this recipe, by choosing the ingredients you like and what you have in your fridge! Do not hesitate to use different spices and cheeses, people! And as this recipe can be done in ten minutes, you have no excuse not to try and make popcorn yourself! I like the fact that you can use the spices you like (tandoori masala, curry, mustard grains, and so on…) and cheese you enjoy (Comté, Gruyere, Reblochon…). Cheese can be optional for those who do not like it by the way!


21 Responses to “Original Popcorn”

  1. annie Says:

    It’s an odd idea to mixe pop cor and cheese. The funny thing is that I bought pop corn three weeks ago and it’s still in my cupboard, waiting probably for your amaizing receipe.
    The weather is still gloomy, so I have time for cooking. I have no cheese, but I think I’m trying pop corn with cinnamon and vanilla sugar. I have had a good idea to have a look at your blog because I had to iron. Ironing can wait.
    You were in the right to tell me to look at your blog, it’s a good exercice for me, thank you little thalie

    • thalounette Says:

      Thanks a lot Annie! As you are learning the English language, I have guessed it would not be a bad idea for you to read my blog (read, learn new vocabulary, write, and so on…) 🙂
      And surfing on the Internet is always funnier than ironing you know 😀
      I sent you a message with corrections, but you improved a lot!

  2. deb1708 Says:

    you never stop thalie. lol
    That is a good idea. Popcorns with paprika. with no cantal of course. lol

    • Lyna Says:

      I tried your recipe yesterday evening in front of my “Saturday stupid movie’s night” 😀
      …but I decided to prepare them with Paprika and Comté (yes I know I’m a crazy girl who likes take risks in her life 🙂 ) -and : That was exxxtremely goood! Thanks a lot for this amazing idea!!! 😉

  3. thalounette Says:

    I told you before that this blog is a drug for me Deb 😀 I have so many things to tell my readers!!
    And I thought about you when I wrote ‘cantal’, that’s why I have added ‘optional’ hihi!

  4. thalounette Says:

    Hihi! I was afraid people would tell me ‘you are crazy!! Popcorn and cheese, you are a real freak…’ 😀 But it is the same thing with cheesy crisps (and I love cheesy crisps 😀 ) .
    Even if I have a sweet tooth and I prefer caramel popcorn, I like to change the habits of my palate!

    • Brian Says:

      Ok since it seems nobody’s going to tell you this you left me no other choice but to say it “‘you are crazy!! Popcorn and cheese, you are a real freak…”. No honestly people have to stop putting cheese everywhere. We know it’s good for your health and all but it is not good for the enjoyment of meals!!! (well from my point of view of course :D)
      I’m not a big fan of pop corn and cheese so I’m afraid I won’t try this one.

      • thalounette Says:

        Lol! Somebody had to tell me that, thank you Brian 😀
        You are right when you say that they usually put cheese everywhere, and I like that!
        The new thing is to create sweety dish composed of meat…

  5. Brian Says:

    Oh I almost forgot: Cheesy crips????????? Why people? Why would you ruin something good like crisps with cheese? I’m really losing faith in humanity you know…

  6. agathe02 Says:

    your idea of original popcorns should be a success in cinemas… like deb said it, thalie you also impress me with your permanent original ideas and the quantity of dishes you make!

  7. thalounette Says:

    Lol! That’s Caro’s fault! She has chosen to write about food, and I am fond of cooking and discovering new dishes, weird dishes! I got hooked, what can I say 😀

  8. davelecteur Says:

    I almost thought you were going to make popcorn out of your germinating potatoes! Did you do anything interesting with them eventually?

  9. thalounette Says:

    Oh noooo 😀 I love challenges but I am not that desperate to make something out of them 😀
    I just read your message and guess what? The potatoes are still there, at the same place… It was becoming a real garden 😀 In my own defence, they are in a cupboard I hadly never open… Had to throw them away unfortunately!

  10. davelecteur Says:

    oh those potatoes! getting on with their hanky panky in the cupboard while you’re not looking.

  11. Lyna Says:

    I tried them yesterday evening in front of my “Saturday stupid movie’s night” 😀
    but I prepared them with Paprika and Comté, and : That was exxxtremely goood! Thanks a lot for this amazing idea!!! 😉

  12. thalounette Says:

    Ohhhhh!! You tried it! Greeaat! Thanks for testing this recipe Evelyna!
    What did you watch? People who were with you liked that popcorn too?

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