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The Lemon Festival February 27, 2010

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Dear reader,

Thanks to Romain – a dear colleague who works with me at Arthur Rimbaud secondary school and who is a fan (the only one?) of this blog -, I would like to tell you about the Menton Carnival! Indeed, this Carnival is one of the most famous winter festivals in Europe. This celebration takes place every year in a town named Menton (it is the French word for ‘chin’), in France. I don’t know about you, but when Romain told me about this town called ‘Menton’, I first thought he was making up a town’s name and messing around 😀 And then, when I checked I discovered that this town really existed! Did you know that this place existed?

Moreover, to enlighten people like me who were totally unaware of its existence, Menton is located in the South-East of France on the French Riviera, and is known for its marvellous lemons; hence the fact that Menton is called the City of Lemons!

Anyway, my point is that people who live there are organizing a special Carnival… We all know what Carnival means… It is a festive season occuring immediately before Lent, and it typically involves a public celebration or parade combining masks and public street party: people are dressed up and everything! Nevertheless, this famous Carnival is nothing like the others we could have gone to… But, it is the Lemon Festival that interests me particularlly!

Indeed, this Lemon Festival lasts a few days, with different bands passing through Menton’s streets on foot or on truck trailers. It follows a given theme each year and during those past years, the themes included Disney, Neverland and India. But, what is interesting is that the floats and sculptures we can see there are all especially made from lemons and oranges! The Casino Gardens in the centre of town are also completely decorated in the theme of the festival. Thus, they use lemons to cover the exhibits, and huge statues are built and covered with citrus fruits.

I have never seen this Festival, and I did not know about its existence four days ago but Romain told me many things about it and I have seen great pictures! I think it is really original and impressing! Don’t forget that the Lemon Festival takes place every year in February! It ends with spectacular fireworks on Garavan bay… And even Queen Victoria assisted to this Carnival in 1882!


14 Responses to “The Lemon Festival”

  1. thalounette Says:

    I find the idea of creating huge lemon sculptures really impressing!

  2. Brian Says:

    Well I find the idea a bit weird don’t you? It’s not like there’s too much food on earth… When we were kids our parents would not stop telling us “don’t play with your food” and here I see it was just a lie!! There’s a whole festival where you have to play with your food and nobody’s ever told us about it (exept for you Thalie thanks ;). I would love to do one of these sculptures though the result might not be very nice looking (Yeah I would try a lemon Jimmy but I guess you alredy knew)

  3. thalounette Says:

    True… I saw the artistic aspect, and the food aspect, but I forgot the wastefulness. Everything are thrown away, all those fruits goes to the trash!
    You could carve a Jimmy face on a lemon if you wanted, but I doubt it would look as great as those sculptures 😀

  4. aventa Says:

    It seems to be really interesting to see that ! It’s a big and ephemeral work to do sculptures with lemons !
    I think too it’s artistic.

  5. thalounette Says:

    Did you know about this Festival Aventa? I feel kind of ignorant here 😀
    The idea is ineresting, food becomes art…

  6. thalounette Says:

    This is quite different from the painted necklace made from pastas I created especially for my Mum on Mother’s Day when I was little 😀

  7. Brian Says:

    Ok now it’s a challenge Thalie!! Bring me lemons and oranges I will make you the most magnificent Jimmy ever!!! Oh I thought about this article when I was working on my dissertation a few days ago; I was translating a text about a mad man who kills his wife throwing her spanish oranges. It’s quite a funny short story, you should read it it might give you ideas for your blog 😀

  8. thalounette Says:

    We see each other in a month man: I dare you to carve a Jimmy on an orange – and not an ugly one!
    Hihi! What is the name of this short story? You seem to have fun during your holidays 😀

  9. Brian Says:

    The short story’s called “spanish oranges”. It is by Rikki Ducornet and it is really great. I accept your challenge 😉 Prepare yourself to witness the greatest masterpeace of all times. Trust me Milo’s Venus will look like a crap compared to my Jimmy. Isn’t it lame that everytime we see each other we have about 50 challenges? Maybe I will win this one for once, I’m kinda tired of losing all the time.

  10. thalounette Says:

    All right! I did not know about this short story, I will take some time to read it!
    I was hoping you would accept the challenge Brian, but will you measure up?
    That’s not lame! And yes, that’s sad you are losing all the time hihi! I am too good 😀

  11. Romain Says:

    Even Victoria? I didn’t know this carnival was so old. I’m the “Romain” and it was a great pleasure to help you, dear colleague.

    For me, it’s the most fabulous carnival in this world, more than Venise and Rio. It’s so different. People do a real good work with lemons. And I can imagine the Menton’s smell in February. After the yellow submarine, the yellow city. So gorgeous. We love our national Provence, more than our Nord Pas de Calais and its Dunkerque Carnival.

    Viva food.

    PS: I’m sure, i’m not the only one fan of your blog.

  12. Romain Says:

    And I forgout the wastefulness too. But it’s so beautiful.

  13. Romain Says:

    I wanted to write “forgot”

  14. davelecteur Says:

    I’m also a fan of this blog :]
    Though it would appear I’m still trying to catch up with reading your posts from February!
    I can’t believe they haven’t got a method for harvesting all the lemons from the floats at the end and making a massive vat of lemonade or lemon cheesecake or something…

    Just putting a couple of minor English points Thalie:
    – “during those past years” –> “for the past few years” / “in recent years”
    – Check your word “impressing”
    – Check your translation for “assister à”

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