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Insects Lollipops February 10, 2010

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I am a huge fan of lollipops and when I was a kid, I had always one in my mouth!

Today, we can find so many sorts of lollipops! I am always astonished to see those numerous, those hundreds of new candies they have created; even if the little jelly Schtroumpfs I was eating have a completely different taste now… I feel as if I was a hundred-year old but when I was a little girl, I did not know about insects lollipops! These might be somewhat different from the lollipops you find in your local sweet shop, but the ones in your local shop probably do not have the same bite. Real insects embedded inside the candy!

Everyone’s favourite treat has a new twist now! Insects suspended in the hardened syrup which you can choose to eat or not depending on your level of true intestinal fortitude! And on top of that, you can find some lollipops that are sugar free 😀

There is a great range of tastes like mealworms in sticky lollipop, peppermint flavoured lollipop containing real farm raised ants, tequila flavoured lollipop, which contains a real edible worm: the worm inside the lollipop is specially bred for human consumption and those worms are reared on a special diet actually! There is many different flavours, but the more impressing seems to be vodka flavoured lollipop, which contains a real edible scorpion – specially bred for human consumption too.

Andrew Zimmern travels the world over to search for and taste the ‘nastiest’ things, things you wouldn’t even have nightmares about. You know how you always think ‘Wow, they eat such weird things there’? Well, it turns out you do not have to go far to find strange things; I found insects lollipops in a museum I went to last year 😀

Then, to answer the question you are asking yourself dear reader: no, this is not a joke, they are real and people do buy them. They even sell really well!

To my mind, this is a fascinating idea to mix sugar and insects! Indeed, I use to hear that insects were fried and thus, I am nicely surprised. Insects lollipops are something else I have to tell the kids at school about 😀 I would definitely like to try these! It looks so strange and surprisingly I do not feel the urge to vomit.

If you had to try one of the weird things I have been telling you about, which one would you taste? As far as I am concerned, if I had to choose, my personal choice would be on those insects lollipops!

In the same taste, you can find chocolate insects like scorpions or crickets! They also invented maggot toffee apples!


11 Responses to “Insects Lollipops”

  1. deb1708 Says:

    That’s weird! You should show that to kids who eat too much sweeties!
    You can expect two reactions:
    – they are disgusted by these lollipops
    – they are interested in them and want to try it.
    If they are disgusted, I think their teeth will be grateful!

  2. agathe02 Says:

    if one day I have a child and if he or she loves lollipops, I’ll remember your post thalie! Hoping it will make him feel disgusted! if not, humm, I wonder what parents could do!!

  3. soizicleg Says:

    Some people likes insects, i know that there is a restaurant in United states where you can eat a lot of differents species! i won’t test it!

  4. aventa Says:

    I thought i tried all the kinds of Lollipops, but never that !
    But it could be funny !

    About eating insects, once i have seen a documentary about China and a man was cooking grilled scorpio with honey. Since then i wanna try ! It looks really funny !

  5. Romain Says:

    I have said that I visit your website for a long time. Now, I’m here.

    What am I learning? Always one in your mouth? lol. Just like me.

    About insects lollipops, it could be funny but worms, it’s not really really attractive. I’m not opened to taste. One day maybe…

    And what do you think about me inside a lollipop?

    (Sorry for the mistakes. Kiss U Darling)

    • thalounette Says:

      Oh Romain, I am really happy to see that you finally left comments on my blog 🙂
      I knew you were reading it but never saw a comment! These lollipops are not gross compared to the things I wrote about before, and there is no unpleasant feeling deep inside me when I see those precise pictures. That’s a start 😀

  6. thituylien Says:

    Yummy, I’d love to try these lolipops (or not). Just joking!
    I think if I were a kid, I would think the insect inside is a toy

  7. thalounette Says:

    If I was still a kid, I think I would think the insect stuck inside is in sugar 😀
    Those lollipops are really attracting! The colours help thinking this way!

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