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Squeaky… February 9, 2010

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Dear reader,

I wanted to write this article last semester, but I ran out of time… I had watched this great Friends episode with Rachel mixing two recipes – an English trifle and a Shepard’s pie recipe – and writing an article about this funny food experience was my high-priority. Today, after four hours of sleep, I decided that it was time for you to know everything about Baby Mice Wine!

Besides, who really like mice? As far as I am concerned, when I see a mouse, I become a true cliché and scream while jumping on a chair or something as near as possible 😀 I feel ridiculous but so powerless in those moments! Nevertheless, when I see those little white furred balls in cages or on television, I am deeply touched… Even if finally, the important elements to remind about mice are that they are small and live in your house without asking you if you are OK with it, and they can reproduce pretty quickly!

In fact, Baby Mice Wine is a traditional Chinese and Korean health tonic, which apparently tastes like raw gasoline. Little newborn mice with their eyes still closed and without fur yet are stuffed (while still alive) into a bottle of rice wine. They are left to ferment during a year. Thus, it is a rice wine bottle full of baby mice basically… You could say that this beverage is intriguing… And, as always in this blog, we give our opinion but never judge the culture! Do not forget that French people are known for eating snails and frogs’ legs 😀 Nevertheless, I find Baby Mice Wine terrifying. Yes, that is the word! Let me tell you why, and I hope you will totally agree with me… First, the appearance. The colour of this ‘liquid’ – yellow or orange – looks like urine to me. And then, you can see a certain number of two to three days old mice inside the bottle. At that precise moment, when I saw this wine, it sickened me, and I cannot imagine ever feeling the need to imbibe tiny rodents. Ever.

Mice are already common experimental animals in psychology and biology, why are they drunk now? Moreover, mice are also used as pet food in various countries, for pets such as snakes, frogs, tarantulas, birds of prey and pet stores have mice for this purpose. Hopefully, some countries like Germany and the United Kingdom have banned this practice, citing ethical concerns regarding both predator and prey.

I know that your reaction will be ‘yuck’, ‘gross’ or at least I hope… I mean, I do not understand why people persist in preparing baby things… Anyway, I had to talk about that! In fact, if you look further, you will find foods in this world that do not even seem ‘possible’. Not just that they could exist, but that people would actually put such things in their mouths without a gun to their head 😀


16 Responses to “Squeaky…”

  1. thalounette Says:

    Of course, this is a huge debate!
    What is the difference for the animal, if its eaten in steaks or sausages? What is the difference to scorpions, worms, lizards in alcohol? Eating pig or fish rather than rat or horse…
    It’s only custom, isn’t it?

  2. deb1708 Says:

    Yummy! Can I try this?
    I am joking of course.
    Some things which look like disgusting can actually be very good.
    We get used to eat ” normal” things , original or ugly things can be very appetizing…

  3. thalounette Says:

    You got me!
    Yes, I agree that some things look disgusting but are not… Anyway, baby mice wine does not really look disgusting, it is more the thought of baby mice macerating in alcohol…
    Do you think this is tantalizing?

  4. Brian Says:

    You told me you would post something nice (and not mice… Ok sorry for that lame joke but I’m in a Jean Blaguin mood tonight) and that’s what you do??? Why Thalie, why?
    Anyway I don’t think I could drink that wine; first I’m not a big fan of alcohol. Second I would never eat/drink raw animals. Oh and I don’t see why people are so disgusted by frog legs, I gave it a try once and it’s just like spicy chicken.

  5. thalounette Says:

    I am sorry Brian, I know I had promised… I created a nice green cookies recipe – did Kevin give you one? – and I wanted to post it but Movie Maker won’t work here… I guess I will use your computer tomorrow, if that’s OK?
    I should write in big red letters on this blog: ‘Do Not Eat Before Reading!!’
    I have problems with eating baby animals, especially when you see them dead and in one piece 😀
    And I had frog’s legs and snails (not bad!) but I think I can understand how people from somewhere else can be disgusted when they see the weird stuff ‘foreigners’ use to eat.

  6. thalounette Says:

    Nice joke anyway 😀

  7. Brian Says:

    Yeah he gave me one and let me tell you, that was good!!! Kevin told me he was the one who put the green stuff in the cookie. No need to tell you he was proud of himself 😀
    Oh and thanks for laughing at my “joke”.

    • thalounette Says:

      Hiiii you liked my green cookie! You will now be able to make some for yourself and your family Brian! Or next time I come to visit and you want to welcome me 😀
      You did not find it weird at first? Because I loved the fact that those cookies were green but I found it ‘weird’ to eat one… Perhaps I am really used to regular cookies 😀

  8. davelecteur Says:

    Thalie, this is rank!!! Hahaha but I love it. Especially the way you finish your article. I don’t think I’d need a gun to my head to try this – I’m not as squeamish as that. But if I had the choice, once again, to politely refuse, I think I would. To be honest, this sort of thing doesn’t surprise me, and I hesitate to say that it doesn’t shock me that this is a Chinese product… Let’s not forget they eat stag’s and tiger’s penises, believing them to bestow fertility and strength. Of course in the case of beautiful animals like tigers, I naturally have a big problem with this. I imagine that some poorer people who can’t afford to pay (tens of) thousands of RMB just for a lick of a tiger’s dick, would nevertheless procure their ration of penis from less endangered species of animal.

    But I digress. >:P

    Here are a few little corrections:

    Today, after four hours of sleep, “I have decided” –> If you said something like “I’ve now decided that…” you could use the perfect. But because you specify the time in the past when you made this decision (“Today, after four hours of sleep”), you’re obliged to use the preterit. Keep trying though!

    “furred” –> “furry”

    “two to three days old mice” –> almost perfect, but you need a hyphen in between day and old, and day should be in the singular. E.g. “a two or three-day old mouse”.

    Keep it up, dear writer!

    • thalounette Says:

      Thank you David 😀 I try my best!
      I love to taste new things and I am always eager to do it, but this time… It gives me goosebumps…
      No way!!! Tiger’s penis?! Woowww! They have strong belief concerning fertility and strength 😀
      You would not try one of those things you named?

  9. agathe02 Says:

    I ‘d rather eat Rachel’s recipe!! even if I am not particularly shocked by this, I wonder what kind of reaction I would have if mice would be replaces by little cats or something like that. I know It remains a human being in all cases…

    • thalounette Says:

      Lol! You made me laugh Agathe!
      I am more inclined to eat insects or weird mixing than baby animals… I cannot say why: like most of the people, I eat duck, rabbit, I tried different meat and dishes but this is seriously peculiar.

      Anyway it would be funny to try Rachel’s recipe for sure 😀

  10. Romain Says:

    My first reaction: “Gross”.

    There was a time, I lived with a chinese girl and it wasn’t easy. Their cook is really weird sometimes: I remember the pig feet’s smell in my kitchen and it stank. I don’t judge but never more weird chinese food in my kitchen.

    Have you already seen a Frenchman eating a frog? Not me. And I am starving when I see a snail in my plate. Bloody Frenchman I am.

    Drinking a mouse is not my hobbie but if it’s yours, I understand. I know you’re crazy and I’m crazy for you. I long to put a mouse in our office in order to hear you screaming: “Choupi, Choupi, Help!).

    Enjoy your website.

  11. thalounette Says:

    When you have a flatmate coming from another country, it is not easy to share your apartment sometimes… Especially when the person cooks something you hardly want to smell and know she eats it 😀
    Nonetheless, I guess people make similar comments about our food!
    I would never try this wine Romain! And I dare you to put a mouse in our office 😀

  12. kev1 Says:

    ok, my first comment here will be concerning Brian’s would-be joke… This is bad Brian, really bad. I think that your punishment for this “joke” (because let’s face it, this deserves punishment, right? Thank you.) has to be pretty severe, and so i’d recommand you drinking a glass of mice-wine!

    I just commented on your article about the larvae-infested cheese Thalie, and I thought it was the most awful article you’d written so far. Well, this one comes first now!! Congratulations for making me throw up a little in my mouth :p

    I agree though that this wine may taste better than it looks, but still, in order to try it you’d have to give me twice the amount of money you already gave me to try the larvae cheese in the first place!

  13. thalounette Says:

    Nobody should receive such a punishment Kevin 😀 That’s unfair to your little brother, and that’s not his fault if this joke was not that good…
    Hmmm you are ranking the disgusting dishes/beverage/things I have talked about? It gives me a good idea for a coming article!
    Do you mean that you would be more inclined to try maggot cheese than to drink baby mice wine? 😀

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