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Eggcellent! February 4, 2010

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Do you fancy eggs?

An egg is round or oval, it is coming from a number of different species – most commonly birds – and has been eaten by mankind for ages. Most edible eggs consist of a protective, oval shell, the egg white and the egg yolk. From the little one produced by the quail, to the largest one of the ostrich, so many sorts of eggs exist… Moreover, they can be boiled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, and you can always invent a way to cook them, and/or prepare them… For instance, people can make delicious pickled eggs by boiling them first and immersing them in vinegar, salt, and spices; you often find pickled eggs coloured with betroot juice, which look pretty nice… But do not mix up with Easter eggs!

Nevertheless, have you heard about Century Eggs? It is Chinese, in fact. It is hundred-year-old eggs, preserved by coating an egg in a mixture of clay, wood ash, salt, lime and rice straw for several weeks to several months. At the end of the process, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream-like substance with a strong smell while the white becomes a dark brown, transparent jelly… At the time it was ‘invented’, the basic idea was to preserve eggs in times of plenty in fact… We always come back on the idea of not wasting food, like in the other article about Icelandic dishes…

The pain you feel when imagining yourself actually eating a Century Egg is not over. Indeed, there is more ‘frightening’, like Soizic would say 😀 The people in Southeast Asia apparently use to eat eggs differently. A delicacy called Balut is a great treat loved by the locals. Inside the egg from a duck, an embryo develops itself. When the embryo inside is right, the egg is boiled and served with a pinch of salt on top. Balut is commonly sold in Philippines and is even said to be haute cuisine now, while it is common food in Southeast Asia…

You are not dreaming, dear reader 😦 They eat half-hatched duck eggs. It is a fifteen or sixteen-day fertilized egg. Would you be able to open an egg and pop an incomplete foetus into your mouth, which already has partially formed feathers, feet, eyeballs, and blood vessels showing through the translucent skin?

I do like eggs, but I just prefer to eat them before the embryo inside has a peck an feathers, or before it turns into a weird black thing 😀


19 Responses to “Eggcellent!”

  1. thalounette Says:

    There’s also Scotch eggs in United Kingdom! Love that one!

  2. aventa Says:

    I think it’s very horrible. When i was young i didn’t want to eat eggs because i thought that i was eating a chick so that….

  3. deb1708 Says:

    wow! i think it is quite awful to look at that kind of pictures. It makes me feel sick.

  4. thalounette Says:

    The embryo repulses me way more than the century egg… 😦
    Even if according to a myth, century eggs are, or once were, prepared by soaking eggs in horse urine 😀

  5. thalounette Says:

    It is so funny! When I was talking about Balut with the kids at school, one of them told me: ‘Balut is like Kinder Surprise in fact! Inside, you have a little surprise, but instead of a toy in a plastic shell, you have a little baby duck! 😀 ‘

  6. Léa Says:

    One word to qualify all this: YUK!!!

  7. thalounette Says:

    Why Lea? 😀

  8. Brian Says:

    ok!!! two things here. First: gross!!. Second: Nice pun Thalie 😀
    Why does every article here makes me sick? People really eat foetuses? How does that idea comes into one’s brain? I can’t even eat oyster ’cause it looks like… (well, we all know what it looks like and I’m too lazy to look for the translation right now) but THAT is wrong!!!

  9. thalounette Says:

    Ah ah! I have not worked that much on this pun 😀 Thanks!
    I know, I know, Léa told me that she is scared to go on my blog and actually read what people eat in some parts of the world… I will make up to you all! Just wait until tomorrow, you will be able to read a nice recipe – here is a hint, ‘cookies’ – and if I see you on Wednesday, I can bring back some 🙂
    To me, oyster look like gob of spit and I have never been able to put that in my mouth!!

  10. thalounette Says:

    I guess the only interesting thing about oysters is their pearls 😀

  11. davelecteur Says:

    Is a “gob of spit” (nice one Thalie 😛 ) what you meant when you said “we all know what oysters look like”, Brian? I sense you may have a different idea >:]
    Thalie, I have to agree with the rest when I say your posts do sometimes leave me feeling a bit weak at the knees. Intriguing as always though! The Chinese are indeed industrious people. But as for the almost fully formed baby duck, I’ll kindly refuse. We’re entering the realm of the magnificently macabre now.

    • thalounette Says:

      Yes Brian, what did you mean actually?
      You are not fair, David! I have created a nice cheesecake recipe (nothing disgusting at all 😀 ) and you did not see it!
      But I totally agree, my articles can be quite puzzling and I think that it is the beauty of it! You have the opportunity to discover different food habits… And they are gross sometimes that’s true 😀

  12. davelecteur Says:

    Oh I wanted to say: good use of tense in “…it has been eaten by mankind for ages”

    A couple of little “corrections”, but really, I’m trying hard to find mistakes…

    Here’s a very common mistake made by even the most fluent speakers of English as a Second Language: “it is coming from” –> “it comes from”

    “an embryo develops” (no need for “itself”)

    • thalounette Says:

      I am happy to see that you have to try hard to find mistakes 😀
      Have you noticed that I am trying to work on the tenses?

  13. Brian Says:

    Well to be quite honest oyters make me think of huge and sick snivel… I thought everybody felt that way… Maybe I’m the sick one here though.

  14. thalounette Says:

    Hmmm! I could not find the right word but I had approximately the same image in my little head!

    No oyster next Christmas then? 😀

  15. thalounette Says:

    Balut makes me wonder how they came to the point of eating stuff like that, was it an accident?
    Did someone try to eat a hard boiled egg and then realized that it had added meat? 😀

  16. thituylien Says:

    ewwww, these pictures are so disgusting! A good thing I don’t eat eggs then

  17. thalounette Says:

    I know… Eggs are delicious, this is something else 😀

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