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A Weakness For Chocolate January 24, 2010

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First, thank you to my dear friend Brian! Thanks to him, I discovered something he tasted and this is leading to this worthwhile article. Indeed, when he was younger, Brian’s English teacher told the class that she had eaten some weird food in the United States of America and she brought back some Chocolate Cheese for the class: the pupils actually tasted it without hesitating. Without a doubt, those are  courageous teenagers 😀 And to my mind, this is truly disgusting (once again, this is only my humble point of view 😀 )

I admit I regularly write about strange food and peculiar food associations and my everyday life is a taste challenge… But even if I created weird recipes and I ate grasshoppers – don’t forget that I also ate chocolate and gherkin – I have to admit I am not inclined to try what Brian ate.

Yes, I am talking about eating chocolate cheese! Indeed, you are not dreaming, this is coming from the United States… Nevertheless, who had the crazy idea to mix those two ingredients in the first place?

Chocolate cheese is something I probably wouldn’t have thought of 😀 I know that chocolate has been paired with many other foodstuffs over the centuries, fruits, cakes or even meat! But chocolate and cheese? Come on! Cheese is made of milk and most chocolates are made mostly made of milk too. Then, chocolate flavoured cheese is not such a weird concept if you want to find elements in favours of this idea…

Brian ate chocolate cheese but in reality it was chocolate fudge made with cheese (cream cheese and cheddar). They also use Velveeta cheese to make this fudge, this same cheese we use to cook Macaroni and Cheese (my favourite!) or Meat and Cheese Loaf for instance.

When searching on the Internet, I discovered that Chocolate Cheese Fudge is said to be ‘savoury with an unmistakable bite of cheddar, not too sweet, and verges on a pleasant tartness nestled in creamy cocoa.’ Do you think we can really believe them? 😀

Do you think you could gather your courage and try it? At least, can you imagine recipes with Chocolate Cheese?

This article is simply the beginning of a huge investigation to discover weird food from all around the world… And believe me, hundreds of articles will never be enough to tell you everything and enlighten you, dear reader.


17 Responses to “A Weakness For Chocolate”

  1. ihssene Says:

    Maybe it would be tasty…
    Do you know where we could find that kind of weird chocolate?
    Sometimes i am not against the idea of terrible experience!!

  2. thalounette Says:

    I have no idea where you could find it… But a friend told me about a shop selling English/American food and goods(Gambetta street I think!) I will take time to go there 😀
    Anyway, if somebody can find it, I will try chocolate cheese definitely!

  3. thalounette Says:

    ‘Terrible experience’? Really? Trying something new, something out of the common, or something we are not simply used to in our culture is something ‘terrible’ for you?
    To my mind, I stick with ‘weird’, ‘original’ and sometimes ‘funny’ 😀

  4. Soizic Says:

    So strange…. i love life because chocolate exist… and guess what i hate the most? …. cheese! Maybe this mix could makes me apreciate cheese, but the idea of mixing a such beautiful thing like chocolate and a such stinky thing like cheese makes me perplexed!

  5. thalounette Says:

    What would you do if suddenly Planet Earth was out of chocolate? Everywhere, no more Kinder, no more cocoa or chocolate chips cookies, or those little chocolate-coated marshmallow bears hiiiiii!!
    Another cheese-hater 😀 Anyway Soizic, you are open-minded and that’s great! Would you like to try chocolate cheese?
    And all cheeses aren’t stinky!

    • ihssene Says:

      I was thinking if you could make a cheese-chocolate. Maybe if you find the receipt!!! Or we could organize a cook lesson for all people who want to try something new, original and not always very tasty. just for the fun!!

  6. Thalounette Says:

    To find the recipe you mean? I don’t even know if I could make chocolate cheese actually… There’s factories for that! But I can make the most delicious ice cream, Cookie Dough flavoured 😀
    A weird and funny cooking class between adventurous people! That is a great idea Ihssene!!!

  7. Brian Says:

    I confirm it is the worst thing I ‘ve ever ever ever eeeeeeeeever tasted. The texture is something you can’t even describe and the taste!!! Oh God iou keep it in your mouth for hours, believe me you don’t wanna try that “food”.
    And yet!!!! Behold the weirdest food ever!! As you know Thalie I had to take an Icelandic class this semester. And I discovered two things; first, you don’t wanna learn Icelandic and second, Icelandic food is way too weird. Here are my “favourite” ones:
    Fjallagrasaréttir (oh yeah the names of these things are funny too…): A lichen soup
    svið: a whole grilled ram head
    hvalspik: whale fat
    and the worst one of all times……hrutspungar: ram grilled testicules.
    Well I guess you’ve just vomited in your throat (I know I have) but still… Itadakimass!!!

    • Thalounette Says:

      More pictures and explanations on those delicious Icelandic dishes you talked about in the next article 😀

  8. thalounette Says:

    Ooohhh, are you convincing me not to try chocolate cheese Brian? Was the taste that bad when you had some in your mouth?
    I know that you have been taking Icelandic classes but I did not know you discovered such a funny culture 😀 I cannot believe you! Testicules and heads? What a treat!

  9. davelecteur Says:

    hahaha Brian you hit the nail on the head there, I was almost sick in my throat just then… Though now I think about it, I wouldnt mind a nice big whale fat burger.

    I don’t think chocolat cheese and chocolate fudge enhanced with cheese are really the same thing!! Cream cheese is a good ingredient for making sweet things rich. No, I want to hear about some serious chocolate cheese – only then would it be worth the challenge. A chocolate-flavoured reblochon or better, maroilles!

    In the UK we have quite a few interesting cheeses, mostly variants of cheddar or something similar. Cheddar really can be a nice cheese and, even if I’ve said this before, I have to insist that it is not at all the same thing as the crap they put in hamburgers from MacDonalds. Real mature cheddar has taste – and can even be super strong sometimes, so you French people might even have a vague sensation of eating something tasty! Anyway, sometimes in the supermarket you can find cheddar with pieces of fruit in (apricot or cranberry for example) and I once even tried strawberry & champagne flavoured cheese. This one was a bit sweet, but interesting because you still had the savoury tang of cheese in the background!

  10. Thalounette Says:

    When Brian took this course, I am sure he had no idea about what was waiting for him! And the definitions he gave are quite ‘revealing’… David, you have to read the next article – but do not eat before 😀
    Chocolate Cheese and Chocolate and Cheese Fudge are not the same, I agree, but I don’t like the association of those two ingredients! I love chocolate and I loooove cheese, nevertheless, the idea of mixing them gives me goosebumps…
    Yet, if you had the opportunity of finding some and if you were challenging me, I would try it 😀
    I think that asking about Chocolate and Cheese to cheese makers or cheese sellers would make them furious, but we should search for Chocolate and Maroilles definitely!

  11. Thalounette Says:

    I know those different cheddars!! When I was in Southbourne last summer, I even discovered Cheddar and Whisky!Interesting 😀
    In supermarkets, there’s more and more cheeses; the same and ‘old’ cheeses we know have numerous flavours now I mean: hazelnut, cranberry, walnut, pepper, apricot, etc… I always have Gouda with cumin or Gouda with wholegrain mustard in my fridge 😀

  12. davelecteur Says:

    Hey Thalie here are a couple of corrections.
    1) You should try to get to grips with specific reasons that we use the perfect tense in English. Basically, it describes something that happened in the past but has a direct impact on the current time. There are other cases too so it’s worth studying. I’ll try to explain as best I can with examples from your article:
    – “I discovered something he tasted…” –> I *have* discovered something… (You discovered it and you now know something you didn’t know before. You should still just use “discovered” if you talk about discoveries made in the past, e.g. X-Rays, DNA code, the discovery of fire… etc. but because your idea has a strong emphasis on the present tense (I didn’t know it before, but now I know it), use “I have”)
    – “even if I created weird recipes and I ate grasshoppers – don’t forget… -…” –> OK this isn’t wrong. It’s true, you did do these things at a specific point in the past. However, the beginning of your paragraph firmly relates to the present moment. You are talking about how you regularly write… how your everyday life is… In this context, when you describe what you have eaten in the past, it’s like you’re saying “remember, it is true that I have eaten these things”. Can you see the relationship with the current moment? The importance is not that you tried these things once, it is that you tried them and you now have more taste experience, more knowlege of weird foods than you had before. Trying these weird foods has given you a new perspective, which you maintain today.
    I’m going to stop there. I feel like I’m not a good grammar teacher, and this is something that is probably explained more concisely and accurately in a grammar book. But it may or may not help you to know my native instinct about this stupid subtle tense. If sometimes you can start to use it correctly (it’s not always necessary, mind, just in specific “related to the present” situations!), it will be really impressive.

    That’s enough to keep in mind for one post. Keep up the good work!

  13. thalounette Says:

    I think I understand and I am working on this!! You will see in the next articles 😉

  14. davelecteur Says:

    oh yeah, wholegrain mustard is the bomb!

  15. thalounette Says:

    You surely have French blood, David! You seem to loooooove cheese 😀

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