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Living like a Lord January 20, 2010

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Have you already heard those two simple words: ‘Kobe Beef’?

I discovered this animal in a documentary and could not believe my own eyes and ears. It was hard for me to believe that somewhere in the world, some animals were pampered that much, if I may put it that way. Indeed, I knew that cows are sacred and venerated in India but this truly boggled me! It is a new sophisticated food. I am not alluding to oyster, or foie gras, or caviar but to a famous ox, famous for its meat! This animal can be found in Kobe and their way of life – or, if I may say so, the ‘method’ to rear them – is quite peculiar. Indeed, those oxen do not know stress, at all! They listen to classical music and only drink beer. Moreover, they are rubbed with sake! Can you believe it? Kobe Oxen have a curious diet and way of life! I can definitely say that they have a real nice life – even though it is a short one and they end up in our plates 😀

I have 159 friends on Facebook and even more in the ‘real life’, but my friend Aya is the only one who ever tried this meat; she was born in Japan and is now living in New Caledonia … She told me that she ate this expensive beef once, and that her ideas regarding beef and meat are not quite the same now. She also told me that it definitely is something that you want to try at least once in your life!

I know that their meat will be bought at an indecent price and will be eaten, but do you imagine such a life? A life with no stress…

I thought a lot about this subject before writing my article and I cannot understand how Japanese people came up with this flabbergasting way of taking care of an animal (who will be eaten I mean, the special ways of taking care of a pet is another debate 😀 )? Indeed, they do not only give great food and a nice barn to their cattle, they also give them massages and use expensive things as well – sake for the massages, beer as a beverage…

At one point, you will ask me ‘Where can I find Kobe Beef in France?’, and I don’t know – I can search and find this piece of information for you if you insist dear reader, just keep in mind that it is expensive 😀

Nevertheless French people borrowed this idea and ‘created’ their own Kobe Beef during those last years. Indeed, French people have Coutancie Beef! Those oxen are reared in Perigord and here again, beer, massages and a huge barn are the key, the fundamental elements in order to get this tasty and special meat. Needless to say that Coutancie Beef is less expansive than Kobe Beef.

I don’t know if I will taste Kobe Beef even once in my life but in my case, I already pinpoint a real difference between the Charal steaks and beefsteaks I usually buy and the steaks I bought in a butcher’s shop in Haute-Savoie 😀 But this Kobe meat is said to be unique!

I am sorry for the people who do not eat meat like Vegetarians, Vegans and others, who will be disgusted and/or surprised when reading my first post of this semester perhaps…


11 Responses to “Living like a Lord”

  1. Brian Says:

    Hey!!! Glad to see this blog is up for another semester, I really missed it!!
    I had already heard about Kobe beef in the TV shows “Malcolm in the middle and “How I met your mother”,though I thought the part with the sake massages was just a joke… I need to add “eating kobe beef” on “my things to do when I go in Japan list”

  2. thalounette Says:

    Thank you for your support Brian! I am back, and I have even more ideas than last semester!
    I think I have seen every episode of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and it’s no good my thinking, I cannot remember this one… In which episode is it?
    Concerning ‘How I Met your Mother’ (love this show by the way 😀 ), I have seen the episode you allude to recently! It’s Season 3, Episode 6 😀

    ‘Jeff Coatsworth: Do you know what Kobe Beef is?

    Marshall: The most expensive beef in the world.

    Jeff: The place I’m taking you to has Kobe Lobster. That is lobster fed with Kobe Beef.’

    Funny moment !

    Oh oh, will you go to Japan soon?

  3. Brian Says:

    Well I don’t remember which season of Malcolm it was, but it’s the episode in which you see the same 5 minutes in 4 different places of the house, and I think the power went down because the baby’s balloon hit the cables.
    And no it’s not in my plans to visit Japan right now but I’ll go someday trust me!!!

  4. thalounette Says:

    Oh yeeees! I remember it now! This episode is about Francis returning home and Jamie’s balloon knocking out the power in the whole house 😀 The entire episode is in the dark: Malcolm tries to sneak in three Dutch girls and Reese tries to cover for him. If I’m not wrong, Hal bought Kobe Beef to celebrate Lois and his anniversary but Dewey is disappointed because he will not get cereals for dinner that Hal promised him… I don’t remember the entire episode but when the power turns back on in the end, nobody has Kobe beef and when everyone sits down to eat their steak dinner after the numerous events, they all fall asleep, except for Dewey because he drugged them! Dewey can finally eat his cereal dinner with the Dutch girls 😀

    Every second of all the characters is explained little by little in fact… Moreover, I think it’s in the last season Brian, because Jamie is present and he even begins to speak!

  5. thalounette Says:

    Oh oh, if you are going to Japan, you will have to take me in your suitcase then 😀
    Japanese people are real free foodstyle people! I will dedicate an artcle to you, Brian. I discovered something weird!

  6. Brian Says:

    Ok I take you with me to Okinawa though you’ll have to wait quite a long time I guess…
    A japanese friend told me something weird by the way and I immediately thought of you: he told me that he once saw lollipops with insects in them in a Tokyo candy shop, and that it was more than expensive (about 50 euros if I remember it well). So he tasted a grasshopper lollipop… I guess he vomited 😀

  7. Thalounette Says:

    Then you want to go to Okinawa precisely? You are learning Japanese, are you?
    Really? Nice way of presenting insects meals 😀 I will check this out hihi! So sad it is expensive…

  8. davelecteur Says:

    To be fair, it would be hard for vegetarians to argue that the animals are treated with cruelty in this case. I think all animals destined for the dinner table should be fed on beer and made to listen to music! Unfortunately the deeper problem is that many people expect to eat meat every day so the quality can sometimes be really questionable. I like a good steak but I’ve started to pay a little bit more each tme I go to the shop, at least so I don’t have a horrible piece of meat in front of me!

    Is it true that they cut this Kobe Beef really finely and serve it raw?

    Oh and you may indeed say ‘pampered’ for these animals, it’s the perfect word!

    Here are some hints/tips/corrections for you to think about Thalie.

    in French ‘in our plates’, in English ‘on our plates’

    you would say ‘can you imagine’ as opposed to ‘do you imagine’?

    ‘At one point, you will ask me’ describes quite a specific point in time, so it doesn’t really work if you essentially want to say ‘you will eventually ask me’. For non-specific times like this, use ‘at some point’

    ‘during those last years’ –> ‘over the last few years’
    ‘borrowed’ –> ‘have borrowed’. When you say something in the past but there is a link to the present moment, you use the perfect tense. To explain this better, we look at the situation: A few years ago, the French created their own Kobe Beef, and they are still creating it today. Therefore it’s not just at one specific point in the past that the French made Kobe Beef, it’s in the present as well that they continue to create it.

    …I find the specific uses of the perfect & present perfect tenses in English quite difficult to explain, so woe betide the non-native English who has to *learn* to use them! Nevertheless I would recommend someone of your level taking a bit of time to study this point.

  9. thalounette Says:

    Thanks a lot for your tips David! Sometimes, I have difficulties to formulate ideas in English (the English grammar and writing proper sentences I mean) and what you have just done truly helps me 🙂
    I will write down those precious hints in my notebook!

  10. thalounette Says:

    I am not vegetarian myself and I really love to eat meat – I am a meat eater – but I know that if you want to eat a good steak or even sausages or chicken, you have to pay a price as well! That is why I don’t taste meat every day…
    I heard that this peculiar treatment makes the oxen’s meat so great! To my mind, we should all be fed on beer and listen to classical music while somebody massages us 😀 !
    Moreover, you are perfectly right about those thin slices of Kobe Beef 😀 And they are served raw! If I had the opportunity to try Kobe Beef, I would taste it this way, as I loooove sushis and ‘steak tartare’! I guess the taste is quite special…

  11. thalounette Says:

    Ihssene precisely wanted to make a ‘terrible experiment’! If you have some money Ihssene, you should try Kobe Beef, and tell us everything of course!
    But put some aside for me 😀

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