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To Léa December 20, 2009

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Hey hey hey! Dear reader, you had the courage to read my article about the snake’s heart, you found pleasure discovering a new and funny kind of cake with Thalie’s recipe, and you were interested by the new mustards and hot eclair Fauchon created…

Today, I can tell you that I tried those Fauchon eclairs. Pictures and comments will follow… Let me tell you that I have the best of all the best friends! As soon as I talked to Léa about this blog I was writing, and the subjects I would refer to, she wrote comments on my blog and she got really hooked on those eclairs Fauchon invented.

Yesterday, I saw her and – believe me or not – she had thought about the last conversation we had (on this blog actually) and she had bought eclairs! Was it to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, or a way to tell me ‘I read your blog and it is great’ (I hope it’s the three things at the same time in fact), but she was carrying a Fauchon bag when she arrived, and she gave it to me. That is why I want to dedicate this article to Léa. Indeed, she had remembered and had brought the Foie Gras Eclair I was wishing to try 😀 She also brought a chocolate one for the person who shares my life… Anyway, she is eagerly waiting for my feedback and I could not begin to tell you about those weird eclairs before saying thank you to myfriend. Here it comes: 

People who don’t like Foie Gras would not like it. Mine was Foie Gras and Strawberry, and I notice that the flavour of the fruit makes the Foie Gras less ‘strong’, and brings a sweet and nice touch. The chocolate eclair was interesting too, even if I have already eaten great chocolate eclairs before.

You are thinking that it is the end of the article, are you? But it is not! I told you before that I was experiencing new recipes and weird things everyday.

Do you think I could become a food-addict or a blog-addict? 😀

Anyway, those eclairs were tried yesterday but today, we discovered a strange kind of chocolate at the supermarket: it is white chocolate in which you find bits of Malabar flavoured things. I can’t describe it, this chocolate is just weird to eat but funny to try!

And yes Franck, although I try many things, I take care of my butt 😀


8 Responses to “To Léa”

  1. thalounette Says:

    When you are a writer for this blog, you have no holidays 😀

  2. Léa Says:

    OOOhhh, Thalie, an article dedicated to me! I didn’t expected that at all, I’m flattered!! Thank you!! I got the eclairs so that you could test them for your blog, and to celebrate in a small way some Xmas time together!! So according to the very fancy wancy Fauchon Noël 09 magazine, the foie gras eclair has also red berries, champagne and almond in it. After saying all that, I’d say I would rather the traditional chocolate one! Thanks again My Thalounette adorée for the article. Enjoy Xmas season in the mountains!

  3. thalounette Says:

    Ohhhh you are welcome my dear! You are the one who surprised me and took so much interest in my blog… I was really astonished when I saw you with your Fauchon bag!
    Ah ah! So fancy that I ate champagne and almonds without noticing it, that’s clever 😀
    Look at all those sorts Fauchon created, I cannot truly choose what I want to eat! Did your mum see something she wanted to buy in this magazine? She must be jealous that you bought me those eclairs and did not bring one for her, isn’t she? 😀

    • Léa Says:

      They looked so pretty in the shop! I wanted to buy them all, and not only eclairs!! Mom saw a couple of things she thought were interesting but to be honest I think she’ll stick with the traditional turkey and ham, spuds and brussel sprouts (that no one really eats at the end of the day..! bit weird, them things…), so that no one would get ‘bad’ surprises for Xmas dinner!
      Oh Thalie, when I bought your eclairs I got one for my mom aswell! Couldn’t come home without one for her! She loved hers! Twas almond and chocolate! MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!

  4. thalounette Says:

    I am sure you bought only those eclairs from this shop because of the price, am I right Léa? 😀
    You will have turkey like every year and I had Foie Gras and yule log like every year! Except, this Christmas was the best Christmas ever for me (yes, ‘was’, because we celebrated it early, as we are going skying!)!
    One day we should try to cook different things, so that people become more adventurous and not afraid to eat something they did not expect!

  5. thalounette Says:

    Your mum should notice she is lucky to have a daughter who brings back home a Fauchon eclair for her 😀

  6. davelecteur Says:

    I have to say I’m not a big fan of sweet things so the idea of eclairs doesn’t reallllly appeal to me too much. i think my natural reaction would be to get grossed out by the idea of all those weird things in the eclairs. but i wouldn’t say no to trying them – where do you get them in lille? nice going léa
    …and thalie for your last article!

  7. thalounette Says:

    I am not a big fan of eclairs either… But this one was funny to sample (yes that is what I did 😀 ); I tried to recognize the ‘elements’ creating this weird eclair and Léa told me afterwards that almonds and champagne were in it! I was totally amazed : indeed, on the one hand I never thought about mixing foie gras, champagne and almonds all together and on the other hand I did not savoured those ingredients! I guess I was surprised when I felt crunchy little things but never thought about almonds. Ahhh Fauchon is a brand full of surprises!

    Thank you to Léa and you to participate to this humble blog! 🙂

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