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Christmas and Biscuits December 12, 2009

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Chrismas is a great moment… I think it is the best moment of the year actually, and I spend twelve months eagerly waiting for it! As far as I am concerned, it has only been synonymous of cold, snow and Christmas tree for a few years. Indeed, since I was born, Christmas has been to me a period of cyclones, hot and wet heat and a celebration with a Flamboyant tree by way of Christmas tree. You could say it is different and original but I really love these last years and the chimney fires, the hot chocolates and the warm duvets on the sofa…

Anyway, last Saturday was the day when we decorated the fir in order to turn it into a beautiful Christmas tree. We also painted nice drawings on the windows, switched on strings of fairy lights and lighted a nice and warm fire (I love this last part 🙂 )

Say hello to the nice and fragrant spruce!

And, guess what? For the first time in my life, I cooked Christmas biscuits with my new family. All of us together, we took possession of the kitchen and made our own biscuits! Yes, even the men helped 😀

What is the point of this article you will tell me… I guess my point is to tell you about the great weekend I spent and most of all to breathe the Christmas joy into you, dear reader. But actually, the main reason is that we experienced – without knowing it I reassure you – something every cook dreadfully fears at every second: to burn what was being prepared 😀

Indeed, as I told you before, we took to heart to make Christmas biscuits after we decorated the tree. I made a big biscuit man (like the one in Shrek! But definitely more handsome! ) and others made stars, hearts, etc. – it really helps to have die cutters, people ! We put the first batch in the oven and ten minutes later they were all golden brown and tantalising. Don’t worry we saved them for dessert. Then, we put the second batch in the oven, we should have thought it was already really hot, and when we came back eight minutes later, the biscuits were different from the others, I can say that they were nearly burnt; I suppose we can even consider they were burnt, as their golden colour was finally turning into black 😀

Hopefully my cute and smiling little man was cooked with the first batch ahah! Here he is on the right corner.

The whole story made us laugh eventually, because black biscuits were an original idea after all, and the taste was not so bad 😀 It is an anecdote we will tell the rest of the family.

I love Christmas, and burnt biscuits will not put a stop to that!

Chrismas five! (Do you know How I met Your Mother? )


16 Responses to “Christmas and Biscuits”

  1. kev1 Says:

    Those lil’ guys sure look nice ; )
    And they were quite good too :p
    But compared to the legen-, wait for it, -dary (:p) cheesecake you made that day i’m afraid they fail the comparison….(let me know if this is correct english :p)

  2. Thalounette Says:

    We could ask David for the right way to express your idea dear Kev1, but I would say that those biscuits don’t measure up to the cheesecake I made after 😀
    Thank you by the way!

  3. davelecteur Says:

    Yeah I totally understood your way of expressing it. I think another way to say it is “they fall short” — it comes from the expression “to fall short of your expectations”

    What are your biscuits covered in before you put them in the over? It looks like honey or something. Looks tasty!

    • thalounette Says:

      Oh all right, I learnt something today… Thanks a lot, David!
      The biscuits are covered in beaten egg, it gives the biscuits a great golden brown colour – normally, if they don’t stay too long in the oven 😉 Cooks use this trick all the time
      Ahah don’t say that it looks less tasty now that you know! And I guess you learnt something today too 😀

  4. Brian Says:

    I just wanna say that I told everybody to check the oven 2 minutes before we actually did it. Well we wouldn’t have tested the burnt biscuits but my Jimmy (that is the biscuit that looks like nothing for those who don’t know Jimmy) would have been tastier. But it was funny to make and men had to beg to help, I want to make it clear too 😀

    • Brian Says:

      Oh I almost forgot, Christmas suit up everybody!!!

    • thalounette Says:

      Yes we should have checked the oven Brian! Nevertheless, this article would not exist if we had not burnt those biscuits 😀
      I ate a burnt biscuit the day after, and it was not so bad…
      Your Jimmy (the “face” on the first picture of the biscuits) looks perfect to me!
      Ok, I confess that when women begin to play with pastry (shaping little men and little hearts…), men have to insist to be able to muck in 😀

  5. maeva1 Says:

    I love Xmas too,
    When I was a child, my parents were making me let a hot chocolate and biscuits for Santa because he was cold and tired letting presents in all the houses!
    Now, I love having hot wine while preparing my Xmas tree.
    Two years ago I was in Colombia for Xmas and was not that cold neither, I actually was wearing a T-shirt for Xmas day! It´s so weird no be hot that day, I prefer being cold with hot wine or hot chocolate (and snow of course!).

  6. thalounette Says:

    Ah! Then you deeply understand how I felt when I discovered that I could actually spend a cold and snowy Christmas! It sounded unreal and impossible to me before…
    I am aware that I sound a bit cliché but Christmas is so great this way 😀

  7. kev1 Says:

    I’ve never spent Xmas in a hot country and I have to say I’d like to give it a shot someday!

    Sure, I love a cold, snowy Xmas, the kind of cliché Xmas you see in movies – you know, that kind of pretty lame movies that’s bound to feature Colin Firth :p

    It would be nice to celebrate Xmas with a palm tree for a spruce for a change, sand instead of snow etc…

    Anyway, this is not going to happen this year but it’s OK, I’ll have a great cold “cliché” Xmas with snow and a Colin Firth movie at some point :p

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    • I agree with the idea of a cold and snowy Xmas, but not sure to appreciate it in a hot country… A stupid question of habbits, I guess. Lucky me, it looks like we’re gonna have a freezing Christmas, but then I find it too cold.
      I’m the nonsense queen…

      By the way, great blog, makes me hungry and jealous: i’m just able to do pasta. 😦


    • thalounette Says:

      And you did have a cold Christmas and TWO Colin Firth movies! :p

      Wasn’t it great? 😀

  8. I thought those little delicious biscuits was a good idea and I made a lot of them, with my little hands, to clang them on my christmas tree.

    But I had to kill my dog and now my children are so depressed.
    Have you got a new “happy christmas idea” ??????

  9. thalounette Says:

    Ohhh I remember when my dog died… I was so sad…

    They can read with you two funny new articles on this blog!
    That’s really nice to put the biscuits in the Christmas tree, I do the same thing with chocolates and it is great to collect chocolates from a Christmas tree 😀

  10. Le_Christ Says:

    Christmas is not a good moment for me…
    But the food that we can eat is the best food ever… including biscuits!!
    5 days left… I can’t wait!

  11. thalounette Says:

    Foie Gras, smoked salmon, turkey and truffles, etc… Such a great feast!!
    I celebrated Christmas today because we are going skying in 3 days – it will be the first time for me, I dread the moment when I will be alone on the slope – and we couldn’t take those big presents with us! It was really nice to have an early Christmas…

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