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It is… December 8, 2009

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Good morning guys,

I gave you three more days to create suspense and give you enough time to find the answer to my question… So, did you guess? I was surprised (and happy!) to see that you have lots of imagination and that you did try to find out what it is you see on the picture. Nevertheless, none of you gave me the right answer, or even found what was in it… I admit it was tricky because you could not really guess the size, and the colour was leading you nowhere…

Well, I will tell you, and I hope you are eager to finally get to know the answer: it is a Chocolate, Coconut and Marshmallows Sausage (yes, yes! A sweet sausage made by my hands 😀 )

Obviously, the shape (and the colour for that matter :p ) sure were misleading, but still I thought that the shape could have led you on the right path somehow…guess I was wrong : D

No matter how repulsive it may look at first, I have it on good authority that this dessert is truly delicious!! Nobody ever suspected there were marshmallows in this sausage.

Then here is the recipe:

200 g chocolate

100 g butter

100 g icing sugar

1 egg

13 marshmallows

Aluminium foil

In a bowl, melt the chocolate with the butter. Add the egg and the icing sugar to the mixture and beat it with an electric mixer. Cut the marshmallows in four. Add them to the chocolate mixture. Pour the mix on foil and fold it, giving it the shape of a big sausage…

Put the sausage in the fridge during at least six hours. Then, you can open the foil delicately. Roll in grated coconut or cocoa powder and cut it in thin slices. It is ready!!!

This recipe is funny to make (done in ten minutes precisely) and you can do it with kids! It is also easy and you don’t need to have an oven 😀


15 Responses to “It is…”

  1. thalounette Says:

    And you should not be jealous of my lovely tray-birthday present :p

  2. franckgm Says:

    Now, I understand why you want to practice a sport, Thalie!! Chocolat, butter, sugar, marshmallows,… It’s not very good for your buttocks!!!

  3. Léanounoute Says:

    AAAhhhh! That’s what it was… Would have never guessed!
    I’m sure it tastes quite nice, very nice even but Thalie this is torture, I told you I’m on a diet, I won’t be able to try it out!! Next time, try and give us a caloryless recipe! ;-p

  4. thalounette Says:

    I like to practice every kind of sports! I would love to try skydiving but don’t have enough time…
    Come on, stop speaking about my pretty butt Franck 😀 You didn’t noticed that I lost 6 pounds these last months?
    And the only chocolates I have are from my Kinder Advent Calendar! I looooove them :p

  5. davelecteur Says:

    haha Franck the things you come up with! I do have to agree though, when I read those ingredients I didn’t immediately think of a diet but I did think of how those ingredients all have one thing in common… extremely sweet! was it good then Thalie? Did you use a recipe or did you make it up?

    I was almost hoping when you said “sausage” that this included pork 😛

    It reminds me of a cake I made one time using about 4-5 bars of chocolate. I made a sponge cake and put big pieces of milk chocolate in. Then I melted white chocolate, mixed it with a bit of cream cheese, and poured it all over the top. The result was amazing, but you couldn’t eat more than a finger-sized slice at any one time!!

  6. thalounette Says:

    I know guys, lots of chocolate is not good for your health (and your weight for sure 😀 ), especially if you add butter, sugar and marshmallows. I see your point! But you live only once, and it is not a recipe you make every day or eat often, thank god!
    When I was in Ireland with Léa a few years ago (do you remember Léa?), we learnt how to make a great and simple recipe: the ingredients were Mars bars, butter and Rice Krispies and it was exquisite!!
    Needless to say for the defense of my dessert and to conclude my line of arguments that chocolate is a natural source of magnesium… Something we really need, students of Master FLE, to stay confident and hard-working throughout the school year :p

  7. thalounette Says:

    The shape makes my dessert look like a sausage but there is no pork in it!
    Could you give us the recipe you are talking about? Or perhaps make it for the last lesson 😀

  8. Brian Says:

    Ok I was quite far from the answer. Was it good at least? ‘Cause it sounds a bit too much to me. I’ve got the feeling I would vomit with just one bite.

  9. davelecteur Says:

    haha Brian that would be the same with my cake for sure.
    Thalie this cake of mine is too simple there’s no real recipe. I think there was just enough ‘generic cake mix’ to bind together all the pieces of chocolate inside the cake. Then the white chocolate was just melted down, and some cream cheese added so that it was a bit more like a cream on top. Wayyyyyy to sweet in the end – not really a cake, just a… collection of chocolate with some other fats 😛

  10. thalounette Says:

    Ask Kevin, Brian! He ate the whole sweet sausage in three days! I only had one slice because I am on a diet, but had to taste it, as I am a faithful and committed writer for this blog… Or maybe it is because I couldn’t resist when I saw those tiny cute marshmallows 😀

  11. thalounette Says:

    I like chocolate, and could put some in every dessert I eat. It is too much sometimes though… And thinking about this friend of Léa’s who eats chocolate and pastas, THIS makes me want to throw up!

  12. maeva1 Says:

    I knew these recipe but instead of marshamallow was some dry biscuits like petit Lu and was surrunded by chocolate,
    but yours looks amazing too!!! That´s great when is that cold outside and when we are so stressed working hard!

    • Ahaha..Do you need marshmallows because you’re tired and stressed or…because you love them, and sweets, and chocolate?

      Thalounette: I think the M2 need you. Really. We DO work so hard that we are starving everyday…

  13. thalounette Says:

    Maeva, if you like marshmallows, you will not be disappointed, I swear!
    Moreover, it is an easy recipe and the sausage just needs to stay six hours in the fridge : it is not too long, compared to those hundreds of recipes in which they tell you that you have to make the dough or the sponge cake the day before… It kills me to spend two days making a cake every time (because, then, you have to make a ganache, whipped cream or all those sorts of delicious things you can put inside a cake 😀
    Why am I always speaking about cakes?! Anyway, it is the same when I cook a tagine or a carri, it takes time!

    I know lots of people who prefer to reheat a frozen dish than to spend time in the kitchen during the whole evening… I truly understand them , that’s why, as far as I am concerned, I cook when I am on weekends most of the time 😀

  14. thalounette Says:

    We made a new sausage for Christmas! This time, we added biscuits like you were saying Maeva, and it was better! It tasted less sweet and it was a bit crunchy, loved it!

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