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Christmas chocolated ducky duck… December 8, 2009

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We are very near from Christmas feasts : welcome in a very special experiment for very special occasions :

Duck Breast with Cherry Chocolate Sauce.

Ingredients four two

2 duck breasts

1 glass red wine

1 glass port

1 glass chicken stock

1 garlic clove

2 squares of 70% dark or bitter chocolate

knob of cold butter

handful of cherries halved and pitted

salt and pepper

mashed potato and spinach

Preparation: 30 min

Cook: 30 min

Pour the wine and port into the pan and simmer, once the wine has reduced by half. Then add chicken stock and make it reduce as well. This takes about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can score the skin on the duck breast and rub a clove of garlic over it Season on both sides. Then fry the skin side down for 5 minutes or until the skin is crisp and golden. Fry then 5 minutes on the other side. All goes in the ovenΒ at 200Β°C for 10-15 minutes. After that the duck should be ready. You ca allowed it to rest. Whisk 2 pieces of dark chocolate into the sauce. When it has melted whisk through a knob of cold butter to make it more glossy. Heat the cherries and stir them. The duck breast has to be sliced. You can serve the duck with spinach, mashed potato and the sauce on the side.

We will try this recipe for Christmas Eve; We expect this experiment not exactly to be delicious but exquisite ! We will try to add a little more chocolate to make it even more tasteful and chose a very good red vine to drink with, very robust like St Emilion for example. Let me tell you everything in 2010 !


10 Responses to “Christmas chocolated ducky duck…”

  1. franckgm Says:

    Another good reason to drink a excellent wine!!! Be carefull Caro, alcool is bad for your health. But not for mine. (Don’t forget I’m much younger than you.) So, you can invit me when you want. Lol.

  2. Lydie Says:

    You are right Franck this meal will be so excellent with a little red wine glass … I can imagine it, wonderfull !!!

  3. thalounette Says:

    And I am younger than you, Franck and Caroline πŸ˜€
    That’s sad I don’t really like wine πŸ˜€ In my case, I would say it is another good reason to eat chocolate hihi!

    Anyway Franck is right dear Caro, you can invite US whenever you want to!

  4. thalounette Says:

    We are so waiting for your feedback Caro! And pictures of course πŸ˜€

  5. davelecteur Says:

    mmmm chocolate duck! haha do you guys think chocolate belongs in savoury dishes? in England, they recently brought out a limited edition of Walkers crisps – chocolate flavour. It just didn’t really work as a crisp…
    But there are of course lots of sweet/savoury combinations that work excellently, so I’m not too doubtful. Cranberry/turkey, apple/pork, jam or chutney/cheese.
    However I’m not too keen on the flavour of the carbonnade flamande…

  6. thalounette Says:

    There was barbecue flavour, mustard flavour or carrot and paprika flavour but now they make crisps with chocolate flavour? Hiiiii! You have to bring back those ones David, we have to try them!
    Should we confess we are chocolate addicted? πŸ˜€
    I promise that next recipe or article will not be about chocolate. Cross my heart…
    I am not a big fan of meat and sweet things mixed, yet I love Caramel Pork – Chinese dish I think, it is cooked a lot in Reunion Island πŸ˜‰

  7. agathe02 Says:

    the chocolate duck in the photo is soooo cute! have pity for him, don’t eat him for christmas…lool
    your dish sounds really delicious. After the eclair in a previous post, you really want us to put on weight during christmas! but thanks for giving us so good and tasty ideas!

  8. thalounette Says:

    Don’t you like duck Agathe? Then, are you more inclined to eat spiders or crocodile perhaps?
    Do you like this idea of trying a hot eclair?

    I realize we are speaking about too many good things to taste in ‘Food : freestyle experiences’ πŸ˜€

  9. deb1708 Says:

    why not? I am a chocaholic and i love duck.

  10. thalounette Says:

    Do you have chocolates in your Christmas tree Deb? :

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