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What is it? December 3, 2009

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Dear readers,

I have been writing since October and I guess you understand that this blog project is really getting under my skin 😀

I have so many stories and so many things to tell you… But it will be the subjects of the next articles! Indeed, today is about a new recipe!

You already read – if not tried it, please tell me you did try – the recipe I invented, but I have created a new one! I dedicate this article to my mother-in-law because she is the one who actually had the idea 😀

But today, as you are beginning to become yourself a freestyle experience addict, I will not give you the recipe and show you the pictures so easily!

This picture below is the result of what I created… Wow, when I say that, I feel like I gave life to a monster, like Frankenstein and his creature made of dead human pieces gniii!

Anyway, this is the result, and I can give you a hint: it is really delicious 😀

I promised before that I would try something savoury (and not salty :p ) but, what can I say, I have a sweet tooth and cannot change that.

I give you 48 hours to make some guess, and to try to find what it is, what could be inside this weird shape… You are free! You can say whatever you think 😉


11 Responses to “What is it?”

  1. soizic Says:

    Maybe it could be a kind of bread, with nut, granary bread because of the colour! well i don’t want to heart anywone but it makes me think about doubitchous, you know, in the movie “Le père noel est une ordure” i don’t know if there is an english tittle. Welle that’s a only a joke 😉

    • thalounette Says:

      Nice try Soizic!
      You made me remember this funny film, everybody knows it I think. It is a cult film in the French culture 😀
      To enlighten people who could have forgotten about this part of the film, ‘Dobitchus’ are a dessert the neighbour (Preskovic) brings to the characters. They look like pooh and taste really bad 😀 He explains then that it is a Bulgarian specialty, more precisely a kind of chocolate truffle made of cocoa, margarine and saccharose gniiii! And to put the icing on the cake, those truffle are rolled under the armpit!

  2. deb1708 Says:

    it looks like a big oyster…

  3. Brian Says:

    well I’m sorry but I must say it doesn’t look that tasty but I promise I’ll try it when I know what it is.
    But to answer your question, I’d say there’s a kind of cream in it, maybe “crème patissière” (sorry I don’t know how you say this in English)

  4. thalounette Says:

    Ahah! I see that you all tried to guess! The answer is tonight tadaaaammmm 😀

  5. thalounette Says:

    And Brian, I looked in my big lovely English dictionary and it says that ‘crème pâtissière’ is in fact ‘confectioner’s custard’.

  6. thalounette Says:

    and even ‘French pastry cream’, or ‘creme patissiere’ (with no accent). I don’t really know which one to pick first but they all seem right to use 🙂

  7. thalounette Says:

    Nevertheless, even if there is actually something in it, it is not creme patissiere!

  8. Léa Says:

    MMMmmmm, let me guess: it’a a weird kind of donut!!! With walnuts on it, and loads of sugar!!

  9. davelecteur Says:

    wellllll at first I was wondering if it was Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo (watch Southpark!)… but then that’s obviously not a good guess is it Thalie? 😛
    maybe some sort of fruit cake with nuts and spices inside, covered in sugar? that’s my guess!
    if I get it right, do I get a bite?

  10. thalounette Says:

    Lol léa! You are right about sugar! But you forgot butter 😀
    I see that people noticed those ‘irregularities’ on the surface of my dessert, thinking ‘hmmmm there’s little things in it…’ and you are on the right path!
    David, you have my humour and I love South Park – I just saw the episode with Japonese killing Dolphins yesterday, Season 13!): when I opened the foil, it is the first thing I said!
    And a friend of mine said the same thing but I forbade him to write this comment on my blog 😀
    You can try again to guess, and I can make one for you if you want to :p

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