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To Léa December 20, 2009

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Hey hey hey! Dear reader, you had the courage to read my article about the snake’s heart, you found pleasure discovering a new and funny kind of cake with Thalie’s recipe, and you were interested by the new mustards and hot eclair Fauchon created…

Today, I can tell you that I tried those Fauchon eclairs. Pictures and comments will follow… Let me tell you that I have the best of all the best friends! As soon as I talked to Léa about this blog I was writing, and the subjects I would refer to, she wrote comments on my blog and she got really hooked on those eclairs Fauchon invented.

Yesterday, I saw her and – believe me or not – she had thought about the last conversation we had (on this blog actually) and she had bought eclairs! Was it to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, or a way to tell me ‘I read your blog and it is great’ (I hope it’s the three things at the same time in fact), but she was carrying a Fauchon bag when she arrived, and she gave it to me. That is why I want to dedicate this article to Léa. Indeed, she had remembered and had brought the Foie Gras Eclair I was wishing to try 😀 She also brought a chocolate one for the person who shares my life… Anyway, she is eagerly waiting for my feedback and I could not begin to tell you about those weird eclairs before saying thank you to myfriend. Here it comes: 

People who don’t like Foie Gras would not like it. Mine was Foie Gras and Strawberry, and I notice that the flavour of the fruit makes the Foie Gras less ‘strong’, and brings a sweet and nice touch. The chocolate eclair was interesting too, even if I have already eaten great chocolate eclairs before.

You are thinking that it is the end of the article, are you? But it is not! I told you before that I was experiencing new recipes and weird things everyday.

Do you think I could become a food-addict or a blog-addict? 😀

Anyway, those eclairs were tried yesterday but today, we discovered a strange kind of chocolate at the supermarket: it is white chocolate in which you find bits of Malabar flavoured things. I can’t describe it, this chocolate is just weird to eat but funny to try!

And yes Franck, although I try many things, I take care of my butt 😀


My dear Friends December 19, 2009

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Good evening guys,

This week, I had so many homework to do that I came to a point when I could not work or write another word anymore… I was tired, my vision was blurry and I had to sit down and rest a little before going back to what I was doing. At this moment, I switched on the television and began to watch some Friends episodes. I guess everybody knows this show, or has seen it at least once in his/her life… Anyway, the show revolves around a group of friends in the area of Manhattan, New York City. It features six main characters throughout ten seasons (Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler and Joey)… I love Friends and I think it is such a great show!

My favourite character in this show is Joey. Of course, I could say that I love Monica because this character is constantly cleaning (obsessive-compulsive in fact) and was a fat girl when she was young – I feel close to her in so many ways 😀 – , or I could tell you that I really like Rachel because she is so pretty with her long hair and she says really dumb things sometimes, that is why she makes me laugh a lot! Anyway, those six characters have their charm, with their qualities and their flaws but Joey is my favourite actually. Indeed, he is simple but nice and he can never decide if he prefers women or food… This real womanizer is a struggling actor who loves food. My article is getting onto the theme of food, don’t worry, as it is the theme of my blog and from this point of view, we can see Joey experiencing food: indeed, there is an episode in which he eats spaghettis fallen on a dirty carpet, or drives all across town to buy the best sandwich ever, or even, risks his life to protect what he calls the best sandwich in the world :p

The reason why I refer to all these moments (and believe me there are so many more I could describe 😀 ), is because I want to explain that Joey is the first and craziest food freestyle experience guy I know. Yes, really! He does not really think before he eats, he simply tries and loves everything which is more or less related to food. And that is what I did when I decided to eat a chocolate gherkin 😀

Then, this week, I saw the most interesting Friends episode, when you are a devoted writer like me obviously, I mean, a writer who searches for food experiences everyday… This episode is from Season 6, Episode 9 ‘The One Where Ross Got High’. In this twenty-minute show, Rachel wants to cook a dessert for Thanksgiving dinner at Monica’s. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for me, the recipe she wants to make is written on two different pages, and finally she mixes two different recipes. The funny thing is that she could have mixed two cakes recipes, and the result would have been nice perhaps, but one is sweet, and the other is savoury! It is a traditional English trifle and a Shepard’s pie recipe mixed together. Moreover, the moment when Rachel explains the way she made it is the funniest ever!

Rachel: ‘It’s a trifle. It’s got all of these layers. First there’s a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard, which I made from scratch, [Joey and Ross make impressed faces] then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions, [Joey and Ross look like something is wrong] then a little more custard, and then bananas, and then I just put some whipped cream on top!

Ross: W-What was the one right before bananas?

Rachel: The beef? Yeah, that was weird to me, too. But then, you know, I thought ‘Well, there’s mincemeat pie’, I mean that’s an English dessert, these people just put very strange things in their food, you know.’

To add humour to this unbelievable moment, the way Joey reacts is so unexpected, it makes the viewer think that on the one hand it is disgusting and Joey is crazy, and on the other hand, wonder if it is good and feeling respect for the courage Joey took to try this strange dessert. This character is worthy to be a food freestyle experience guy. And his interesting philosophy, which is ‘You like meat, you like jam, you like custard, you like it!’ makes us reflect on the our vision of food in our life.

I confess Rachel can be seen as a food freestyle experience girl too! And do you see how she sees English people? 😀


Christmas and Biscuits December 12, 2009

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Chrismas is a great moment… I think it is the best moment of the year actually, and I spend twelve months eagerly waiting for it! As far as I am concerned, it has only been synonymous of cold, snow and Christmas tree for a few years. Indeed, since I was born, Christmas has been to me a period of cyclones, hot and wet heat and a celebration with a Flamboyant tree by way of Christmas tree. You could say it is different and original but I really love these last years and the chimney fires, the hot chocolates and the warm duvets on the sofa…

Anyway, last Saturday was the day when we decorated the fir in order to turn it into a beautiful Christmas tree. We also painted nice drawings on the windows, switched on strings of fairy lights and lighted a nice and warm fire (I love this last part 🙂 )

Say hello to the nice and fragrant spruce!

And, guess what? For the first time in my life, I cooked Christmas biscuits with my new family. All of us together, we took possession of the kitchen and made our own biscuits! Yes, even the men helped 😀

What is the point of this article you will tell me… I guess my point is to tell you about the great weekend I spent and most of all to breathe the Christmas joy into you, dear reader. But actually, the main reason is that we experienced – without knowing it I reassure you – something every cook dreadfully fears at every second: to burn what was being prepared 😀

Indeed, as I told you before, we took to heart to make Christmas biscuits after we decorated the tree. I made a big biscuit man (like the one in Shrek! But definitely more handsome! ) and others made stars, hearts, etc. – it really helps to have die cutters, people ! We put the first batch in the oven and ten minutes later they were all golden brown and tantalising. Don’t worry we saved them for dessert. Then, we put the second batch in the oven, we should have thought it was already really hot, and when we came back eight minutes later, the biscuits were different from the others, I can say that they were nearly burnt; I suppose we can even consider they were burnt, as their golden colour was finally turning into black 😀

Hopefully my cute and smiling little man was cooked with the first batch ahah! Here he is on the right corner.

The whole story made us laugh eventually, because black biscuits were an original idea after all, and the taste was not so bad 😀 It is an anecdote we will tell the rest of the family.

I love Christmas, and burnt biscuits will not put a stop to that!

Chrismas five! (Do you know How I met Your Mother? )


Christmas chocolated ducky duck… December 8, 2009

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We are very near from Christmas feasts : welcome in a very special experiment for very special occasions :

Duck Breast with Cherry Chocolate Sauce.

Ingredients four two

2 duck breasts

1 glass red wine

1 glass port

1 glass chicken stock

1 garlic clove

2 squares of 70% dark or bitter chocolate

knob of cold butter

handful of cherries halved and pitted

salt and pepper

mashed potato and spinach

Preparation: 30 min

Cook: 30 min

Pour the wine and port into the pan and simmer, once the wine has reduced by half. Then add chicken stock and make it reduce as well. This takes about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you can score the skin on the duck breast and rub a clove of garlic over it Season on both sides. Then fry the skin side down for 5 minutes or until the skin is crisp and golden. Fry then 5 minutes on the other side. All goes in the oven at 200°C for 10-15 minutes. After that the duck should be ready. You ca allowed it to rest. Whisk 2 pieces of dark chocolate into the sauce. When it has melted whisk through a knob of cold butter to make it more glossy. Heat the cherries and stir them. The duck breast has to be sliced. You can serve the duck with spinach, mashed potato and the sauce on the side.

We will try this recipe for Christmas Eve; We expect this experiment not exactly to be delicious but exquisite ! We will try to add a little more chocolate to make it even more tasteful and chose a very good red vine to drink with, very robust like St Emilion for example. Let me tell you everything in 2010 !


It is…

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Good morning guys,

I gave you three more days to create suspense and give you enough time to find the answer to my question… So, did you guess? I was surprised (and happy!) to see that you have lots of imagination and that you did try to find out what it is you see on the picture. Nevertheless, none of you gave me the right answer, or even found what was in it… I admit it was tricky because you could not really guess the size, and the colour was leading you nowhere…

Well, I will tell you, and I hope you are eager to finally get to know the answer: it is a Chocolate, Coconut and Marshmallows Sausage (yes, yes! A sweet sausage made by my hands 😀 )

Obviously, the shape (and the colour for that matter :p ) sure were misleading, but still I thought that the shape could have led you on the right path somehow…guess I was wrong : D

No matter how repulsive it may look at first, I have it on good authority that this dessert is truly delicious!! Nobody ever suspected there were marshmallows in this sausage.

Then here is the recipe:

200 g chocolate

100 g butter

100 g icing sugar

1 egg

13 marshmallows

Aluminium foil

In a bowl, melt the chocolate with the butter. Add the egg and the icing sugar to the mixture and beat it with an electric mixer. Cut the marshmallows in four. Add them to the chocolate mixture. Pour the mix on foil and fold it, giving it the shape of a big sausage…

Put the sausage in the fridge during at least six hours. Then, you can open the foil delicately. Roll in grated coconut or cocoa powder and cut it in thin slices. It is ready!!!

This recipe is funny to make (done in ten minutes precisely) and you can do it with kids! It is also easy and you don’t need to have an oven 😀


What is it? December 3, 2009

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Dear readers,

I have been writing since October and I guess you understand that this blog project is really getting under my skin 😀

I have so many stories and so many things to tell you… But it will be the subjects of the next articles! Indeed, today is about a new recipe!

You already read – if not tried it, please tell me you did try – the recipe I invented, but I have created a new one! I dedicate this article to my mother-in-law because she is the one who actually had the idea 😀

But today, as you are beginning to become yourself a freestyle experience addict, I will not give you the recipe and show you the pictures so easily!

This picture below is the result of what I created… Wow, when I say that, I feel like I gave life to a monster, like Frankenstein and his creature made of dead human pieces gniii!

Anyway, this is the result, and I can give you a hint: it is really delicious 😀

I promised before that I would try something savoury (and not salty :p ) but, what can I say, I have a sweet tooth and cannot change that.

I give you 48 hours to make some guess, and to try to find what it is, what could be inside this weird shape… You are free! You can say whatever you think 😉