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Weird mixtures November 26, 2009

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We are a particular family. It is not about what you may imagine.
No, believe me: we are very special because we ADORE to make new food experiences, to try mixtures anybody would even imagine to do:
Let see below the pictures.

strawberry jam and maroilles

Try to recognize what it is about: look at the red or dark pink jelly first. You are right: it is strawberry jam. Nothing is very weird for the moment. But be ready to have a real shock.

The one of us who is eating this jam, is also ready (and full aware) to crunch…guess what?…Maroilles cheese!

My first thought was to try it by the same time. According to this weird mood at home that evening, I should have. But at the end I could not : the smell was to strong for me.

The other picture is the result of my daughters’ experiments:

Given popcorns from an afternoon snack (the first experiment was to see and hear them bump in the saucepan: very scary but exciting for 5 and 7 year’s old girls)
Given cheese fondue in the evening for diner. At the end bread was little by little missing.
We had to find THE alternative solution.
Plan B: we all stuck our fork in the popcorns and there it was.
I have to admit that it was crunchy but rather tasteless…

Now YOU : please confess to everybody the weird experiments you already have done : even if it was not for science, only in a fit of pike somehow (pasta/pâté, eggs/maize…at the mercy of what you could find in your fridge)…
I also was a hard up student once…


9 Responses to “Weird mixtures”

  1. Thalounette Says:

    Particular and imaginative family I would say! You play with different tastes, with mixing things that nobody mixed before, I like that 😀
    When I decide to cook something new, I have a specialty: I open my fridge and look at what’s left! Sometimes it’s eggs, chorizo, and cheese for example, and I mix everything to create a kind of nice spicy tortilla (without the potatoes) or there is only bread left and I make a cake 😀
    I have some funny experiences but I want to see others comments before I confess!

  2. Thalounette Says:

    I never tried popcorns and cheese anyway… How does it taste like? No heartburns after? 😀

  3. Thalounette Says:

    All right, all right, is there anybody who would like to share?
    You should not be afraid of being judge, or people laughing at you… We are nice and open-minded people 😀

  4. deb1708 Says:

    i hate cheese so i am not sure that i will ever try the mixture jam-cheese.
    you are very brave…. lol

    • thalounette Says:

      Deborah, do you really hate cheese? Because I thought I hated spinach, but if my mum cooks it with cream and cheddar, I find this dish really lovely… When I say I hated spinach, I mean it, like Brussels sprouts or chicory (and I still can’t eat those vegetables!)…
      Perhaps, if you were trying cheese with jam, you would be surprised to discover a new ‘flavor’ (if I may express it like that) 😉

  5. davelecteur Says:

    Thalie go on!! Spill the beans! What’s your embarassing secret?
    Let me think about what I’ve eaten as a student before…
    Actually I remember eating quite well when I first arrived at uni, I was very motivated to have salad and vegetables, a well-balanced diet.
    I’m certainly fond of the cheese/jam combination! I used to eat it with friends when I was in Pau, and couldn’t think of a better snack sometimes! Goat’s cheese with apricot jam for example…
    Oh I know what to tell you! Very recently I was sitting at the Club d’Angellier just downstairs at the uni, in building B, and there was some homemade sweet popcorn available to crunch on. But at the time I had one of those cups of homemade soup from the Tout Frais Léger kiosk. So after tasting a bit of sweet popcorn I took another sip of my broccoli soup and it tasted really strange, but good! I noticed it so much that I told my friend to try. Essentially the sweet taste of the popcorn became even sweeter in my mouth because of the sudden difference compared to the salty soup. But at the same time the soup tasted more salty! I think my tongue got a bit confused, but it was definitely surprising!

  6. thalounette Says:

    Ohoh you are unveiling yourself David!
    I ate cheese and jam when I was in Reunion Island and one of their famous dessert was cheese and strawberry guava jam (I finally found a link to show you this fruit )
    Hiiii! David, you have to become a member of the freestyle experiences community! You are a challenge for you taste buds, and really interesting for my blog 🙂

  7. thalounette Says:

    I had jam and cheese today and it’s really goooood 😀

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