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a Huge revolution in your cup of tea/coffee October 19, 2009

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Have you ever heard about STEVIA?

If you would like to make a new experience, add Stevia in your meal instead of saccharose or aspartam.

Since september the 3rd the French law owes the « sweet tooth » that your are, to use Stevia as a new sweetener : it is naturel and calorie free !

So what is it exactely?

It is a South American plant…(nothing illegal at all, you teaser!) that has been used as a sweetener by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years.

Stevia is known to be very efficient because it contains « rebaudiosid A » a natural extract that can be thirty times sweeter than sugar.

Is it that new as it sounds to be?

I am sure that some of you still know this way of “not adding” sugar. stevia rebaudiana extractThis product is normally not allowed in France …But it is still possible to find some in health and organic food shop. Actually you can buy ground leaves (the same as Guarani Indians are using) but not the rebaudiosid A’ powder:

Food manufacturers in France are happy to be the first and the only one in Europe to be allowed to use the stevia extract Rebaudioside-A .

They are still bounded to Coca Cola and Cargill…some of the most famous sugar daddy’s of the world.

For more informations check


6 Responses to “a Huge revolution in your cup of tea/coffee”

  1. judumour Says:

    A sugary storm in a tea cup!!! good and interesting article 😉

  2. inukoi Says:

    I wasn’t aware about stevia, it’s interesting. What a pity it wasn’t used before ! (By the way, I don’t drink tea or coffee XD.)

  3. davelecteur Says:

    haha i like your first comment judu. who are you by the way? I cant guess from your peusdonym.

    mind if i put a few corrections?
    -“if you would like to HAVE a new experience”
    -make sure you write the English words; not the French onces! “natural”
    -I know it’s a slightly informal blog, nevertheless try to capitalise your letters at the beginning of proper nouns, e.g. South American
    -you can just say “is this as new as it sounds?” you dont need ‘to be’ at the end

    but your English is perfectly understandable and of good quality. It’s a shame I never drink sugar in my tea, so I wont necessarily be going to try this straight away..

  4. judumour Says:

    I’m Juliette! I thought you’d have guessed so Dave…
    At least you know now! Glad you liked my comment.

  5. Thalounette Says:

    Nice article Carolille! I’m happy you wrote about Stevia because I have been using it for a year now. I am a big coffee drinker and I love sugar… Do you see the problem?
    Too much sugar is not good for your health and I was using artificial sweetener to trick my body. Anyway, I find sweeteners have a strange taste and I heard it is not very good for the kidneys… At least, it is still no calorie and natural!

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