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Hello world! October 8, 2009

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Have you ever read Philippe Labro’s book “Des Cornichons au chocolat”? Eating gherkins with chocolate must be a strange but interesting experience…

Black pudding mixed with grapes or figs, banana pie spiced up with cardamom or ginger… Or what happens when you leave your cake a bit too long in the oven? Does it burn or become a new exciting thing to taste?

Those are freestyle food experiences that Thalie, Caroline and Franck will try create and share with you. Are you ready to live something very special and extraordinary?


11 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. davelecteur Says:

    Well I’m ready! But are there enough ideas to constitute a whole blog on the subject? I hope so, because I’m interested to see! I suppose, if not, there are still plenty of interesting and bizarre foods around the world that we do not know about. Not as bizarre as gherkins and chocolate… but almost, from our perspective! P.S. have you ever tried gherkins and chocolate? It would be cool if doing a blog on this subject caused you to try one or two of these strange ideas… someone’s gotta do it 😛

  2. Annick Rivens Says:

    This seems quite mouth-watering! I’m eager to read about your freestyle experiences, and why not taste it one day during the Learning to learn sessions (lwhich could become a learning to cook autonomously session exceptionally…)

  3. Brittany Says:

    Ohh I know what happens when you forget your cake a bit too long in the oven, I promess…It’s not a new exciting thing to tast…it burns and it’s disgusting !! Bt maybe I should present the thing like that when I bring my cake to my starving friends : this is a new experience ! Maybe they will be ok to taste it… (because when they saw my burnt cake, they don’t even want to touch it…)!!! Look how I am thanked for cooking for them…! Ungrateful people !

  4. inukoi Says:

    I’m not adventurous above all in food. I’m scared by your experiences : gherkins with chocolate ? You are crazy XD.


  5. thituylien Says:

    By the way, are you going to cook crazy stuff and post pictures on your blog?

  6. davelecteur Says:

    lol this is just going to be a good excuse for you when you burn your toast 😛 just put it on your blog and consider it a new culinary delight! an acquired taste though… carbon isn’t everybody’s favourite dish…

  7. soizic Says:

    Maybe could we make a dinner all together and taste your experiences before chrismas holidays… well, i’m not sure that will be a so good idea but, i’m ready!

  8. judumour Says:

    burnt spag bol, pasta, or chips… your favorite new carboN hydrate!
    I just thought I’d contribute to this by making a definitely not funny play-on-words…
    just so that if the dinner you’re planning to make turns out to be an idiots dinner (cf le diner de cons!) I’d be invited!!!
    Dave, you can not but watch this fantastic movie, if not already watched!

  9. Thalounette Says:

    Oh I had not seen those comments!! I could try burnt toasts if you want to 😀
    I already tried burnt pastas – to do three things at the same time and forgot the saucepan is easy – and I didn’t enjoy it!

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